Watch Screen

This week, I was featured on Mark Miller’s site to share my Apple Watch screen. I talk about my watch faces and how the watch fits into my life. Head over to Mark’s site to read the interview.

Update: Colin Devroe linked to my interview and posted his own thoughts on his site. He doesn’t have the same opinions as I do now, but he says to check again in a few years.


The work paid off: Lava is a home run. The camera swoops and floats around the two volcanoes as they attempt to connect, and we in turn connect with them. “Volcanoes are misunderstood for being destructive — and they are, I don’t want to disrespect that,” he says. “But so much of what we sit on, the land that we love and all of our cultures, is because of volcanoes.”

I’ve never felt so affected by a Pixar short. Ever.

How ESPN Supports The Cable Industry

ESPN singlehandedly subsidizes cable TV as we know it.

At an absolute minimum it would appear that ESPN presently pays out nearly $6 billion a year to sports leagues just in rights fees. The money from those rights fees comes from our cable bills. And, significantly, from tens of millions of people who will never watch a single game on ESPN.

Apple Watch And Water

Craig Hockenberry took his Apple Watch out for a swim.

I’m also thrilled that the watch is working so well with my favorite workout: swimming in the ocean. Despite some hiccups in functionality, I still get enough information to improve my performance and extend my goals.

I hope the information in this report will help others understand what the watch can and cannot do in the presence of water. I also hope my experiences will help Apple improve the watch’s capabilities for swimming workouts.

In short, you can swim with your Apple Watch, just be sure to rinse it after.

My Burger Manifesto

David Chang has very strong opinions on burgers:

There’s something else people have to understand: that a medium-rare burger made with really good meat that has been properly ground up is a very wonderful thing. People will say, Oh, you’re eating it raw. So what if I’m eating it raw? It’s the same meat that they would use for a steak that they’re just grinding up to be a burger. It’s delicious! They’re fools. The only time I’ll eat a well-done burger is when I’m pregnant.

via Jason Kottke

Camping Trip 1986

Mario Koran wrote a short piece on being a parent.

They placed her on a table and handed me a scissors, which I think I used to cut the umbilical cord. A lot of that moment is lost in haze. But I do remember the first second I saw her: I recognized myself in her eyes. I knew immediately, on some primordial level, that she belonged to me. She was mine. There was no question.

This. My son looks exactly like me and I can relate to this on all levels.

I vividly and will always remember looking at my son as he lay on a towel, minutes after he was born. Nurses were tending to him, cleaning him off. I walked over to watch. I looked at him and I caught him gazing in my general direction. I started to breathe rapidly. I could feel my face start to scrunch as if to cry, but I wasn’t sad. I was extremely happy. One of those moments you’ll never forget.

The Really Big One

Fascinating, yet terrifying, read on the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest.

In other words, the Cascadia subduction zone has, as Goldfinger put it, “all the right anatomical parts.” Yet not once in recorded history has it caused a major earthquake—or, for that matter, any quake to speak of. By contrast, other subduction zones produce major earthquakes occasionally and minor ones all the time: magnitude 5.0, magnitude 4.0, magnitude why are the neighbors moving their sofa at midnight. You can scarcely spend a week in Japan without feeling this sort of earthquake. You can spend a lifetime in many parts of the Northwest—several, in fact, if you had them to spend—and not feel so much as a quiver. The question facing geologists in the nineteen-seventies was whether the Cascadia subduction zone had ever broken its eerie silence.

★ Apple Watch: The New iPod

Now that I’ve had my watch for a few weeks, I definitely notice what people are wearing on their wrists. Maybe because I live in the Bay Area, with a lot of tech savvy people, I’m starting to see more people with Apple Watches on their wrists. I even saw one in the wild a few months before they came out. I’m starting to notice that if someone else who has a Watch notices that I have one, they usually give a nod of approval.

The Apple Watch seems to be the iPod of this generation. When the iPod first came out in 2001, people were quick to criticize it. Famously, a post on Slashdot pointed out “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” When I got one of those first few iPods, people thought I was crazy spending a few hundred dollars on what was basically an mp3 player. Soon enough, iPods were the gadget to have. People were sporting the iconic white headphones. An entire ad campaign centered around those ear buds. But in the early days, it was common to give a nod to others with the white ear buds since you knew they had an iPod as well. It’s pretty crazy to think that before the iPod, no one else made white ear buds; all you had was standard black.

Today it’s the Apple Watch that has its doubters. Similar to why anyone would pay $400 for an MP3 player, many people don’t understand why the watch exists. You can buy perfectly accurate watches for less than $100. But once you show people the use case for the watch, it slowly dawns on them. With the iPod, it was easy to make the case. 1000 songs in your pocket. The Watch, is not so obvious, but once it clicks, people will want one.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly In The Left Lane

If the slower drivers are all driving in the right lane, a faster driver can pass several at a time, then get back into the right, cutting down on the total number of lane changes and eliminating the slow downs.

This should be required reading for everyone applying for a driver’s license.

The Best Read-It-Later Service

The Sweet Setup has made their pick for the best read-it-later service: Instapaper. I’ve used Instapaper for years and consider it one of my essential apps.

Read their thoughts over at their site.