★Year In Review 2015

When I look back at 2015, two things immediately stand out: my new job and the birth of my son.

Back in March, my former coworker called me and asked if I was looking for a new job. She’d recently left her job and joined Daikin. Her position was vacant in the Northern California area and she knew I was living up here. While I was certainly content with my job, I wasn’t satisfied. I’d been doing the same type of work for 10+ years and I was yearning for a change and a challenge. I went through an initial phone interview in March but it wasn’t until a 2nd interview in July that finalized everything.

When I got my first job in the industry, I always admired the factory reps who would visit our office. Not only because they got me answers that I needed quickly, but they were always ready to pay when it came to the lunch or bar tab. I always looked up to the better factory reps I dealt with and I can’t believe that I ended up with the position I have now. Working on this side of the business is definitely different from my previous sales positions but I can’t deny the benefits: I only have to be knowledgable with one product and I get to work remotely. I constantly remind myself of the situation I’m in and look forward to 2016 to do great at my job.

While a new position is a high point for many in one year, nothing beats the birth of your first child. Clyde Jaymeson was born on May 19, 2015. He’s already 7 months old. Seven months is not a long time but so much has happened since he completed our family.

As soon as I found out my wife was pregnant, I was always looking ahead. What’s next. At first, I wondered, is it a boy or a girl? Once we knew that, it was, what will he look like? Now all I wonder is, what will his first word be? When will he start walking? Will he be creative like his mom or technical like his dad. And on and on.

I’m pretty sure every parent can relate to this: All you want to do is create the best life for your child and whatever they want to do or take interest in, you will do everything you can to help them achieve it. I have high hopes for my son. I never knew I’d love or care for anything more than my child. It’s cliche but it’s so true.

I’ve always reviewed the previous year in these reviews, but I rarely set goals for the upcoming year. Looking back a few years, I’ve knocked down a few life goals. In 2013, I proposed and we got engaged. In 2014, we got married. This year, we welcomed our son. For 2016, I hope to have my family in our own home. Here’s to 2016.


Thanksgiving was last week here in the United States. I have many things to be thankful for this year: a new job, beautiful wife, healthy 6 month old baby boy and a loving family.

My family in Napa
My family in Napa