★ iPhone 7

I got the iPhone 7 last Friday. Some thoughts:

  • I went from the 6S Plus to the regular size 7. I wanted the Plus more for the larger battery than the larger screen. I found out that the larger battery still wasn’t enough for my typical usage. This time around I went with the regular size 7 and got Apple’s Smart Battery Case. I liked checking the case’s charge from within the OS. And I actually like the “hump”. With my normal usage on the 6S Plus, I would make it to around 1pm until I would have to charge. With the 7 and the battery case, I got the 20% Low Battery warning at 10pm this evening. I start my days between 6am and 7am normally.
  • I did the iPhone upgrade program last year and was interested to see how they would handle those of us upgrading. Unlike others, I was able to get the model that I wanted. After about 20 minutes in line and about 30 minutes in store doing “paperwork”, I walked out with my phone. No complaints.
  • The new Home button is weird for the first few minutes. That’s it.
  • I got the matte black version. In my opinion it looks damn good. The Jet Black is crazy supply constrained. The person helping me said that they did not even have one on display in the store.
  • The speakers are way louder. One nice side effect of using Apple’s battery case: because of the way the case is designed, it takes the output of the bottom speaker and reroutes it towards you. That, along with the new speaker in the ear piece, gives me even better stereo separation.
  • No headphone jack. It’s a bummer but not that big of a deal. I prefer no wires (who doesn’t). I have a Bluetooth speaker and headphones. I added Bluetooth in my car via an adapter a few years ago. My wife’s car supports CarPlay. So there’s never a point where I need to use the headphone jack anymore.