★ Apple Camp

Every summer, Apple Stores offer Apple Camp for children ages 8-12. This year, they offered 3 different camps: Coding Games and Programming Robots; Creating Characters and Composing Music; and Stories in Motion with iMovie. Malia has shown an interest in making movies and YouTube, so I decided to enroll her in the iMovie camp.

I was impressed overall with the camp. It’s 3 days and each day is 1.5 hours. Enough time to keep them engaged, but short enough that they don’t lose interest. Each camper gets a free t-shirt and an Apple USB flash drive that doubles as a bracelet. They would be storing their footage and creations on these drives.

Each day focused on different aspects of making a film. The first day, they covered brain storming ideas, story boarding, and different filming techniques, such as panning, close ups and landscape shots. The second day focused on editing in iMovie. They took the footage they filmed and started editing in them in iMovie on iPads. And on the last day, they all presented their films for everyone to see.

I was surprised at the level of detail. I noticed when they plugged in their flash drives into Macs to transfer their files, each drive was already labeled with the name of the camper. So when my daughter plugged in her drive, it was already named “Malia” on the desktop. When it was time to edit, each camper was given their own iPad and their own set of Beats headphones so they could only hear their movies. And when it was presentation day, instead of loading each flash drive and double clicking every person’s file, the employees created a Keynote presentation and had each movie as it’s own presentation slide and each movie was preceded by the creator’s name. So that way they could just hit play and not have to load each movie file.

It was a great experience, for myself and for Malia, and I definitely see us doing this again next summer. And it was completely free. Highly recommended.

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