Homescreen 2018

On our forthcoming episode, we talked about tech resolutions we were going to do this new year. One of mine was to clean out and delete apps I no longer or rarely use. I also took this opportunity to clean up my home screen.

For reference here is my home screen from last year.

Homescreen 2017

And here is my updated home screen.

Home screen 2018

This is probably the biggest change I’ve made to my home screen since originally going to a Plus size phone back in 2015. I moved 4 apps from the home screen and the extra row that it freed up makes my phone feel less cluttered. I moved Hangouts, GroupMe, Scanbot, Apple Maps, and Simplenote. I promoted 2 apps to my first home screen. I find myself frequently opening my bank app so I moved that to the home screen. The second app, Oak, is a meditation app. I wanted to try and incorporate meditation and prayer into my daily routine and being a nerd, of course I found an app to help me do that. I also swapped the default Camera app with Halide.

Unsurprisingly, my dock stayed the same. This is a big change but I’m looking forward to see if it affects my daily phone usage for the better.

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