★ Here’s To Us


my last night in irvine for the year 2001. i havent been home in over a month and im starting to miss it. today, i led rochelle on a little hunt over uci. too bad i couldnt afford to give her anything at the end. so i took her for dinner at taiko instead. cosmo, glamour, the sims, simpsons. went home a little earlier than usual to start packing…

i hope this blog thing loads pretty fast over a phone modem while im at home. otherwise you folks wont know what im up to down there. oh well…i dont think many people read this anyways.

im such a nerd. heres to us…

★ One Day, It Won’t Even Matter


my last day at work was today…at least until school starts again next quarter. after work, i headed off to brea. my good friends from SD were heading there for the usual tues/thurs night 2by2 meeting and i decided to meet up with them there. its hard to believe that ive been in this business for about a year. its nice to know that some things dont change, such as 2 lamborghinis parked outside the hotel, to dukes dating stories before he had insane amounts of money. we then made a run to burger king. talked to joe hill (as in mountains and valleys) about how we hate engineering and how parents dont understand and how one day, all of this wont even matter…

its raining REALLY hard outside, drive safely…

★ Road Trips

you know how when you take long trips; for example, to the bay area, vegas or even the trip from OC to SD, you happen to travel alongside the same group of cars? some cars you pass and other cars pass you. you take a little bathroom break and eat, and the semi truck that you passed a couple hours ago, passed you while you were eating and now youre passing it again. you keep going on like this until one of you has reached your destination; and when you reach your destination, some cars keep going on to wherever their final stop may be.

you can compare one of these roadtrips to your life. you start off and you meet people along your way. some of these people stay alongside you on your journey while some drift off, maybe cause of school or moving around, and you never hear from them again…sometimes they happen to catch up to you and they are beside you for a little while, then they drift away yet again. and you also come across new people as you travel along to your destination and then they travel with you for some part of the way. some people you will leave behind and some people will leave you. but at least a couple will stay with you all the way to the end of your journey…just like when you go to the bay or to vegas.

last night, a close friend of mine lost a close friend of his. and while i wanted to say a few comforting words, i couldnt since i could not relate to his situation. they say everyone is separated by at least 6 people; “the 6 degrees of separation”. and today at work, we figured out how small the world is. i had a line of friends that somehow found its way back to his friend who lost his life last night. and even though i couldnt come up with some words of condolence, it seemed that just talking about how we knew the same people somehow made him feel somewhat better. at least i hope it did…

6 more days….

★ Lazy Sunday

sundaypretty kick back day today. breakfast, more christmas shopping, south coast, american eagle, sam goody…watch lakers, hamburger helper, update site, and visit rochelle in laguna…

★ Christmas Shopping, West LA, Etc.

fridaydid most of my christmas shopping today. they better like it. spent the night in westwood. shaved ice at relaxtation. i dont think that was smart since it was like 40 degrees outside. it must have been game night at apt. 205 since there was a poker table, with poker chips set up, 2 girls playing super speed, and 3 comps running counter strike. note to self: set it and forget it.

spent an hour in traffic. rochelle was late to work. stay tuned…

later that night…
a few days ahead of schedule, but You Love Jay v2.0 is back up! its a work in progress so check back often. any suggestions to make my site better would be appreciated as well. oh yea, i checked my grades yesterday and im glad to say im not on AP. pretty impressive considering i had an especially “tough” qtr. despite all this somewhat good news, i still feel like crap…check back later.

★ Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s Eleven is the SHIT! but before i get into that, my first day at work (during winter break that is) was eh…i hate working with incompetent people. went home, rested, then went to Island’s with gyrlstar for dinner. after dinner, it was to the block for our movie. ocean’s eleven is so freaking cool. if yer into big, clever casino robberies with big movie stars, then its for you. part of that movie was filmed in my own backyard. the part where they pick up the “pinch” was filmed at UCI. so after the movie we decide to go find the damn building where matt damon jumped through a window. and we found it at the research center by CV! it was cool, we were so star struck. then after a cherry pepsi, and a little chat, i went home…to type this.

★ Done with Finals

I’M DONE!!!! took my vibrations final yesterday morning. i dont want to say it was easy, cause when i say that, it usually ends up that i did bad. so im going to say that it was REALLY hard. after my final, i paid a visit to dar since i only get to see her twice a month. after a two hour nap, rochelle and i head out to brea mall since we’re so tired of the malls here. we went to check out hollister, a new clothing store owned by the people who own abercrombie. its kind of like abercrombie meets west coast lifestyle, its pretty cool. i got a banana jacket for $50 bucks and a shirt from hollister. we got hungry so we went to the hat. pretty good stuff, better than yer usual burger stand. so its back to my place and edward, mark and joseph drop by to chill and “warm” my new place…err actually just my room. Letterman, Leno, Conan, then its time to sleep…

★ Update

mondaybarely studied for my math final which was a JOKE! just showed up for the “group” part of our final where we post our results we came up with as a “team”. our final problem was to design an underground tunnel from LA to Paris that produced the fastest traveling time. design the path anyway you want, just as long as you come up with a fast time. our time: 35.7 mins. fastest theorectical time: 35.5 mins. not bad…oh yea, bought clothes…yay.

worked. Danny got canned…that blows. tried to study, but all my other friends were studying for fluids, so it was basically studying by myself. absolut obsession. real world finale. hot apple cider. phone charger for my car. NFG/Starting Line posters. sleep…

work. delivery in the marshmallow. chicago chicago pizza. procrastinate by blogging….final tomorrow @ 8am. good luck me.

★ Cheap Gas

directions to cheap gas: 405N to Brookhurst North exit. arco gas station immediately to your right. price per gallon for 87 octane: $.99. excellent…
“As the evening sky faded from a salmon color to a sort of flint gray, I thought back to the salmon I caught that morning, and how gray he was, and how I named him Flint.” -Jack Handy

★ Finals Week

“the water’s deep, but water can’t kill you…so give it up…” -homegrown
finals week is upon us. good luck to everyone.