The Best Gear for Small Apartments

The Sweethome put together a list of gear for small apartments. Some tips:

  • Choose the right size: Often this means getting smaller versions of things—like a compact fan or cordless vacuum—that will stow more easily.
  • Maximize vertical space: Hill uses floor-to-ceiling closets to provide more storage. The same principle applies to hooks, magnets, hanging racks, and pegboards that take advantage of walls and the backs of doors.
  • Use nooks: Hill created extra seating in his apartment by adding cushions to extra-wide windowsills. Morsels of otherwise unused space—a shelf under a bench, hooks inside a cupboard—can also be great places to tuck smaller items.
  • Fold away: Hill recommends investing in things “that nest, fold, stretch, or that are compact.” Items that can be stored flat or rolled, such as a folding chair, clothes drying rack, or air mattress for guests, are especially good for preserving floor space.
  • Go for quality: Well-made clothes, furnishings, and appliances may initially cost more, but you won’t have to replace them in a few years. “Sometimes, the expensive thing is the best and most financially smart,” said Hill.

Lux Lodge

One thing I love to do is geek out over people’s home’s. I’ve been following Apartment Therapy’s House Tour series for years now and every once in awhile I come across a unique home. This A frame home immediately caught my eye due to the unique architecture it gets its name from.