San Jose

Last week, my family moved into a new apartment in San Jose. While we were excited to move into this new place, I could not help but get emotional leaving the old place. It was the first apartment my then girlfriend, now wife, could call our own. I proposed to her in that apartment. It was my son’s first home.

While I’m sad to leave that place, our new apartment is part of a much nicer complex. There is a huge pool, gym, business center and club house. We are almost fully settled and are starting to enjoy our new place.

★Year In Review 2015

When I look back at 2015, two things immediately stand out: my new job and the birth of my son.

Back in March, my former coworker called me and asked if I was looking for a new job. She’d recently left her job and joined Daikin. Her position was vacant in the Northern California area and she knew I was living up here. While I was certainly content with my job, I wasn’t satisfied. I’d been doing the same type of work for 10+ years and I was yearning for a change and a challenge. I went through an initial phone interview in March but it wasn’t until a 2nd interview in July that finalized everything.

When I got my first job in the industry, I always admired the factory reps who would visit our office. Not only because they got me answers that I needed quickly, but they were always ready to pay when it came to the lunch or bar tab. I always looked up to the better factory reps I dealt with and I can’t believe that I ended up with the position I have now. Working on this side of the business is definitely different from my previous sales positions but I can’t deny the benefits: I only have to be knowledgable with one product and I get to work remotely. I constantly remind myself of the situation I’m in and look forward to 2016 to do great at my job.

While a new position is a high point for many in one year, nothing beats the birth of your first child. Clyde Jaymeson was born on May 19, 2015. He’s already 7 months old. Seven months is not a long time but so much has happened since he completed our family.

As soon as I found out my wife was pregnant, I was always looking ahead. What’s next. At first, I wondered, is it a boy or a girl? Once we knew that, it was, what will he look like? Now all I wonder is, what will his first word be? When will he start walking? Will he be creative like his mom or technical like his dad. And on and on.

I’m pretty sure every parent can relate to this: All you want to do is create the best life for your child and whatever they want to do or take interest in, you will do everything you can to help them achieve it. I have high hopes for my son. I never knew I’d love or care for anything more than my child. It’s cliche but it’s so true.

I’ve always reviewed the previous year in these reviews, but I rarely set goals for the upcoming year. Looking back a few years, I’ve knocked down a few life goals. In 2013, I proposed and we got engaged. In 2014, we got married. This year, we welcomed our son. For 2016, I hope to have my family in our own home. Here’s to 2016.


Thanksgiving was last week here in the United States. I have many things to be thankful for this year: a new job, beautiful wife, healthy 6 month old baby boy and a loving family.

My family in Napa
My family in Napa

★ Career Moves

Last Friday was my last day at DMG North. On Monday, I start my new job as Commercial Sales Manager for Daikin. The decision to take the new job was easy, but the decision to leave was difficult. When I first joined DMG, they were very understanding and flexible as I was deciding whether to continue engineering or pursue a career in the restaurant business. When I decided to move, they were absolutely accommodating by allowing me to transfer to the Bay Area office.

It was tough to tell my boss I took a new job. They’ve been accommodating with my initial move and with Malia’s schedule during the school year. They are a small company with owners that truly care about their employees. Their Christmas parties are also the best ones I’ve ever been a part of. But looking at the big picture, I couldn’t say no to Daikin. They were offering me a step up in position and salary. But the real lure was the ability to work from home. With Baby Clyde now here, being present for my family is the most important thing.

★ Clyde Jaymeson Torres

On May 19, 2015, Clyde Jaymeson Torres was born. For almost nine months, I’ve been wondering what my son would look like, what he would be like.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for the moment that your child is brought into the world. I could feel an overwhelming sense of love and urge to protect this helpless, flailing newborn. I was shocked at how closely he resembled me when I was younger. It was like looking at the past, present and future, all at once. He is a little version of me that I want to create the best life for.

He is everything I had hoped for without even knowing what I wanted.


The Essential Man on finding your life’s passion: 

 “When you turn your passion into your life’s work, you blur the line between work and pleasure. Work should be pleasurable, no doubt. You shouldn’t do a job you hate if you have the choice. But it should still feel like work. And you should still think of it like work.

Because if you don’t go to work, you never leave work either.”

★ Year In Review, 2014

A lot happened in 2014 but I could sum it up in two pictures.

Half Moon Bay

On August 30, we threw the party of the year at Half Moon Bay. All our close friends and family came to witness Mary and I become husband and wife.


And right before Thanksgiving, we found out we were adding another member to our family.

June 9, 2015 can’t come fast enough.

How To Stay Motivated At Work

There are plenty of people who don’t love their job, but are happy to do for a fulfilling life outside work. The “love your job” lobby is so strong that I feel the need to stress this as plainly as possible: It’s perfectly all right not to love your job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I fall under this category.

Why Are Names So Easy To Forget?

There are two types of storage in the brain: Long-term and short-term. The short-term variety is called “working memory,” and it functions like a very leaky thermos. It doesn’t hold much and it spills stuff out all the time. “You can hold just a little bit of information there and if you don’t concentrate on it, it fades away rapidly,” Paul Reber, a psychology professor at Northwestern University, told me in an email. “Information like a name needs to be transferred to a different brain system that creates long-term memories that persist over time.”

I thought I was bad at remembering names. Turn out, we are all terrible.

Organize Like A Chef

Cooks have to be organized. Otherwise they’d fail at their jobs. Some think we should apply their concept of “mise en place” to our everyday lives.

Perhaps the principles of culinary organization can be extended to help even those of us who aren’t top chefs.

The system that makes kitchens go is called mise-en-place, or, literally, “put in place.” It’s a French phrase that means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking.

But for many culinary professionals, the phrase connotes something deeper. Some cooks call it their religion. It helps them coordinate vast amounts of labor and material, and transforms the lives of its practitioners through focus and self-discipline.