Some Thoughts After Spending Over an Hour in an Apple Store

I’ve been stuck in an Apple Store for over an hour. Some observations:

  • It still boggles my mind that there are people who walk into the store not planning to buy anything, walking out with a $2,000+ laptop.
  • There are still not-nice people who give retail employees a hard time.
  • Wednesday afternoons are as busy as Saturday afternoons were for me back in 2004.
  • I haven’t had the chance to look at the iMac Pro because the same guy has been on it this entire time.
  • It takes an hour and a half to replace a cracked iPhone screen.
  • And that’s actually pretty quick.
  • Try not to crack your iPhone screen.

Homescreen 2018

On our forthcoming episode, we talked about tech resolutions we were going to do this new year. One of mine was to clean out and delete apps I no longer or rarely use. I also took this opportunity to clean up my home screen.

For reference here is my home screen from last year.

Homescreen 2017

And here is my updated home screen.

Home screen 2018

This is probably the biggest change I’ve made to my home screen since originally going to a Plus size phone back in 2015. I moved 4 apps from the home screen and the extra row that it freed up makes my phone feel less cluttered. I moved Hangouts, GroupMe, Scanbot, Apple Maps, and Simplenote. I promoted 2 apps to my first home screen. I find myself frequently opening my bank app so I moved that to the home screen. The second app, Oak, is a meditation app. I wanted to try and incorporate meditation and prayer into my daily routine and being a nerd, of course I found an app to help me do that. I also swapped the default Camera app with Halide.

Unsurprisingly, my dock stayed the same. This is a big change but I’m looking forward to see if it affects my daily phone usage for the better.

IBU 50: It’s Just Physics

On our last episode for the year, we cover our favorite beer and tech topics from 2017. It’s crazy that we’ve been doing this for an entire year (we started recording the first week of January but didn’t release until 2 weeks later). It’s been a lot of fun trying all types of beers from breweries all over the world while talking about nerdy topics.

If you’ve never listened, give us a shot and if you have, please tell someone who you think might like it.

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2017 iMac Pro Review

2017 iMac Pro Review:

A typical use of CFD is to evaluate the aerodynamic performance of aerospace vehicles like rockets and airplanes. The first step in this process is to create a mesh of the vehicle geometry from a CAD definition. This essentially lets us break the problem down into thousands or millions of small cells in which we numerically simulate the physics that govern flow.

There are generally two lines of work mechanical engineers end up doing once they graduate: HVAC or aerospace. My undergrad was heavily based on mechanical design. I fell into my career by chance. It’s interesting to see that an aerospace engineer was one of lucky ones to get a review unit.

Dissect Podcast

I recently discovered a brand new podcast. It’s called Dissect, and it’s described as a “serialized music podcast that breaks long form musical analysis into short, digestible episodes.” It is currently on season two, where he covers Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, probably one of my favorite albums of all time. If you’re familiar with Serial, the podcast that kind of put podcasting into the mainstream, it is similar in that format. It is highly produced, well researched, and very compelling.

In the first three episodes, the narrator goes over some backstory to set up his analysis of the album. After that, each episode covers a single track. He covers everything from producers, what songs are sampled, guest appearances, and most importantly, overarching themes and lyric meanings. It’s a genius idea for a podcast and I would go as far to say that it is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I binged on the existing episodes and can’t wait to listen to more.

If you’re a fan of podcasts and/or Kanye West, give it a listen.

Dissect on Apple Podcasts

Thoughts on iPhone 8 Plus

I picked up an iPhone 8 Plus on Friday, September 22. I go over my logic as to why I picked the 8 Plus instead of waiting for the iPhone X on this episode of my podcast. In short, I really didn’t want to wait until November for the X and the increased cost pushed me towards the 8 Plus.

Since I’m part of the iPhone Upgrade Program, I’m able to bring in my current phone and trade it in for the new one. I went to the Valley Fair Mall Friday morning and while the line was short, there were already a ton of people inside. I waited about 10 minutes before I was able to go in and pick up my phone.

The process of trading in is relatively easy if you go in prepared. The main thing is to back up your phone because you’ll have to restore your phone from your backup if you want it exactly how it was before. I was in and out within 45 minutes.

I picked up an iPhone 8 Plus in Space Gray with 256 GB of storage. Going from a 7 to an 8 Plus wasn’t too much of an adjustment since I’ve owned a 6S Plus previously. The glass back is impressive and I’m sad I’ll have to hide it in a case (a must if you have a toddler). The camera is simply awesome. The one thing I regretted from not getting a 7 Plus was not having the dual cameras and missing out on 2x optical zoom and Portrait Mode.

I tested out Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting over the weekend and I was impressed. I’m no professional but the bokeh effect could fool me if I didn’t know it was from an iPhone. I welcomed going back to a larger screen. I know one of the reasons why I went 7 last year was because it got tiring carrying a larger, heavier phone. I did miss the larger screen when typing and watching videos. We’ll see how long before I start to complain.

All in all, no regrets going for the 8 Plus. We’ll see how I feel once I hold an X in hand.